A comedy that features warm-hearted, family-oriented content.
Example Citation:
"I realized the L.A. Times call must have been prompted by my recent column attacking Roberto Benigni's Holocaust warmedy Life Is Beautiful ... which I characterized as a 'feel-good fable about the Holocaust."
— Ron Rosenbaum, "Dear Albert Brooks: Please Don't Go Warm," New York Observer, August 30, 1999
This word is a blend of warm and comedy and it applies to both movies and television shows, although the latter is where it originated:
"The 'creative team' that set out in the fall of 1978 to put Shirley together began with commensurate ambitions. The show was to be at once witty, happily emotional, and dramatic — a sort of classy example of the genre that one TV Critic has dubbed 'warmedy."
— Walter Kiechel III, "P. & G. Stars in a Prime-Time Cliff-Hanger," Fortune, December 31, 1979
Sorry, I don't know the name of the above-mentioned "TV Critic" who coined the word. If I find out, I'll post the information here.
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